Firearms Law

and the Second Amendment:

Regulation, Rights,

and Policy

 First Edition

Aspen Publishers, published March 8, 2012.

The first law school textbook on the Second Amendment.

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Firearms Law and the Second Amendment

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Online Chapters

Online chapters have arrived!  Table of Contents, and Chapters 12 through 14 are available now.  Chapter 15 is coming soon.  In the meantime, you can preview the contents  of Chapter 15 in the Table of Contents.

Table of Contents and Front Matter

Chapter 12 – Social Science

Chapter 13 – International Law

Chapter 14 – Comparative Law


About the Authors

Nicholas J. Johnson

David B. Kopel

George A. Mocsary

Michael P. O'Shea



Federalist Society Faculty Division podcast. Authors Johnson and O'Shea discussed the book with UCLA's Adam Winkler. 34 minutes.

Chapter Podcasts

In this series, co-author David Kopel discusses each chapter with Justin Longo of The questions are from the perspective of a intelligent lay person who is interested in firearms law and policy. The textbook itself tends to be neutral on most controversial questions; that is, the readings speak for themselves, while the printed Questions that follow the reading attempt to engage the reader with important issues, rather than directing the reader to a "correct" answer. In the podcast series, we go further, and Kopel provides some answers from his own perspective. These should be considered as one way to interpret the materials, rather than as the only possible answers.

Chapter 1.  A Brief Introduction to Firearms and their Regulation. MP3.

Chapter 2. Antecedents of the Second Amendment: From Confucius to the British Whigs. MP3.

Chapter 3. The Colonies and the Revolution. MP3.

Chapter 4. The new Constitution and the Second Amendment. MP3.

Chapter 5. The Early Republic, and the Antebellum Era. MP3.

Chapter 6. Reconstruction and the late 19th Century. MP3.

Chapter 7. A New and Dangerous Century. MP3.

Student Research Tools

Bibliography of research sources. (coming soon)

Topic ideas for student research papers. (coming soon)

Student papers. Law student research papers published on this website. (coming soon)

Videos of news reports of defensive gun uses (referenced at the end of Chapter 12.C.2.).

Teacher's Manual

Available from the Professor Materials page for the textbook, on the Aspen website. Available as a free .pdf download for professors who are registered in the Aspen system. 334 pages.

Teacher's Manual Cover